Our Story

More than a great first impression, a lasting one.

From your first glimpse, you know The Signet is a community unlike any other. The neoclassical rotundas and columned facade evoke another era. The grand scale complements its surroundings without dominating them. And once you enter, your initial feelings are confirmed. From the attentive concierge to the Carrara marble floors, a thousand exquisite details converge into these singularly luxurious new homes in McLean, Virginia.
Exterior of The Signet front entrance

Creating a new landmark

Taking cues from classic Jeffersonian architecture, boutique hotels from around the world, and the finest modern home design, The Signet is unlike anything else in McLean.

The stately exterior gives way to spacious, yet welcoming residences inside. A higher degree of attention is evident in each detail—from the grand palladian windows down to the handles on the faucets. While every individual element is the result of a conscious decision, they all reinforce the same message to you on an unconscious level—"this matters."

Woman looking out a window from her apartment and kitchen with marble countertops and stainless steel appliances

The artistry, outside and in

The Signet is born from a collaborative effort between a talented group of artists and builders. Architects Franck & Lohsen have combined timelessness with modern sensibilities to give The Signet its distinctive presence, creating a building that will never go out of style, but seems as though it has always been there.

Interior designer Bill Rooney, known for his work on famed hotels like New York’s St. Regis and Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Hotel, now brings his formidable creativity to the residential world with The Signet. The unique character of this landmark residence reflects his belief that every project should be one-of-a-kind.
Lobby of the Signet with a large central staircase